Ida Crawford

Ida Crawford

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We're All Moving At The Speed of God, Learning What We Didn't Know We Didn't Know. Your Success Is My Reason


Mindset along with tools you can use is the perfect combination for achieving success. Just Minding My Business is all about supporting the woman who is sitting at the kitchen table thinking about starting a business or revamping their business or just trying to get to the next level.  Being in business is challenging, especially when you are wearing all the hats. There are so many outside and inside voices telling us to do this and do that. These voices have no idea where we are in our journeys. Just Minding My Business is all about supporting you where you are. Supporting you to focus on the resources you have around you to start Now and stay in action. Reminding you that your purpose is greater than your circumstances when Belief isn’t even the size of a mustard seed.

Ida Crawford is a Certified Life Coach and the CEO of Daily Life for Me Life Coaching Services where she is committed in supporting her clients to pay attention to their daily actions to better support what they want in their lives and their business. “Your Success Is My Reason”  Ida is also the Founder and Visionary of A Sista’s Circle Empowerment Network-ASCEN, LLC where she is committed to creating a community of women entrepreneurs who support one another through the power of collaboration and unity. ASCEN provides personal and business development, and networking opportunities to support in the success of their business. “We Are Never In Competition, But Always in Collaboration”

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