Joe Louis Burroughs

Joe Louis Burroughs

Invest In You Talk Media Productions

The show where we help people like you with families like yours release the brakes to your greatest asset: "YOU"


Are you living your life to fullest?  Are you having phenomenal success in every area of your life?   Are you truly Free?  NO!  Then this show is for you.  Joe is a 20+ year veteran who not only served on the battle fields of the Middle East but now fights battles for Middle Americans fighting to hold onto to Freedom and the American Dream.  He will give you strategies and tips to creating the independence your family wants needs and deserves while building the quality of life you can be proud of.   Joe will present vibrant content, case studies and interviews of some of the most influential minds of our time proving that success leaves clues.  It will surely inspire and motivate you to massive action.  WinBig!!.


Listen to Joe on:
 Amazing Men of Power

Every other Friday's

12:30pm Central Time


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