Lorena Douglas

lorenadouglasnewLorena Douglas (Rena D)
Destiny Driven Radio

Discover Your God Given Destiny,Achieve Your Purpose In Life,And Step Out On Faith.

Destiny Driven Radio is a internet radio talk show that brings you empowering real life stories from celebrities, authors, and people just like you and me. They have embraced life using their FAITH, Gods gifts and talents to create their life purposes, and goals, which became successful ministries and businesses while doing what they love best. Destiny Driven Radio will give you strategies and techniques to increase your FAITH WALK as well as encouraging stories by successful people, to help you to achieve your life purpose and over Resisting the enemy and the worldly temptations that distract us from living a life of abundance. 

Rena is known as a catalyst for sparking that light inside of you, and awake the sleeping giant within you.  She shares life experiences, wisdom and a listening ear to help you overcome obstacles you may face in today's economy.  Life Coach Rena D can assist you with dedicated support and empower you to overcome obstacles in your life, achieve clarity, take action and optimize self-balance to realize your possibilities, your purpose, goals and dreams.


To learn more about Lorena, visit: www.DestinyDrivenRadio.com

Listen to Lorena on:
Spiritual, Family, Children and Safety
Sundays at 11:00 am & 5:00 pm CT

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