Saskia Jennings (-de Quaastaniet)

Saskia Jennings (-de Quaasteniet)

Your Challenge to Succeed Radio

The #1 Show where YOU learn how to treat every challenge as a GIFT: we unwrap it, enjoy it and celebrate successes!

Your Host, Saskia Jennings (-de Quaasteniet) , is a Holistic Healer and Life Coach and passionate motivational speaker.  Saskia values her voice and her passion is to show you how YOU can do the same.  You may not have an idea of how powerful all this is, she will teach you!  Saskia is an expert in embracing challenges with a smile and moves forward in life.

Saskia is passionate about her talents and takes action to step out of her comfort zone.  In her show Your Challenge to Succeed Radio she will show you how to treat every challenge as a GIFT and unwrap and enjoy it!  Join Saskia to grab the opportunities and learn to be thankful and celebrate your successes every day!


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Empowerment, Inspiration and Motivation

Mondays at 12:00 p.m  & 6:00 p.m. cst

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